Sunday, September 6, 2015

     This is a different kind of mystery. No dirty words. No explicit sex. There is evil – evil people, evil organizations, evil regimes. Some of the innocent and deserving are 'done in' just as in the world. We live surrounded by it, and I'd like what I write to seem a reality of some sort, unlikely as much of it is. Theft of treasures of all kinds happen. Billions of dollars change hands in an economy most know little about.

     If after reading the first paragraph, you are saying to yourself, “OH - - - - (unnecessary dirty word), this isn't my kind of book! There's nothing shocking, salacious, or titillating to hold my attention and get me to turn the page for the next string of four letter words, or gruesome description,” I'd encourage you to read on a bit. You may find your imagination can paint pictures that make what you are reading seem tame by comparison.

     A couple of the main characters are cats. If your favorite pet is a pit bull trained by the 'what's his name' football star, try to ignore them and concentrate on the twists and turns in the mystery that will unravel like a ball of yarn batted around by a couple of stupid felines. Given most pussies' ability to sense who likes them and who doesn't, I'm pretty sure Zen and Zoe would ignore you, too.


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